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Admissions Process

Bright Beginnings welcomes and admits qualified students regardless of race, creed, color, ethnic identity, or place of origin. Bright Beginnings is designed specifically for high potential students whose primary diagnosis is dyslexia. The school does not admit students who struggle in school because of behavioral difficulties, severe attention problems, severe receptive and expressive language disorders or less than average intellectual abilities.

Parents are encouraged to contact the school and request information. Initial questions regarding your student’s academic difficulties and results of a recent Psycho-educational evaluation given by a qualified diagnostician will be requested.

Complete the application and return it with the required documentation. We require current report cards, Psychometrical Evaluation and a sample of classroom work from the teacher.

Along with the completed application, a $25 application fee is also required for all new students.

School tours are scheduled on Thursdays. Please contact us for a tour.

Admission to Bright Beginnings will be determined on the basis of diagnostic testing , teacher recommendations, and a personal visit with the student. Parents will be notified of their student’s admission status by telephone or in writing after review of all the data. If your child is not an appropriate match to our program, efforts will be made to provide guidance toward a suitable alternative program.

Students who have been accepted and placed on the waiting list may be enrolled as openings occur in the program.

Enrollment is complete when the signed application and fees (Registration and Supply) are returned to the school.


Financial Information

For additional information about tuition cost, please contact the school. There is a $100.00 enrollment fee at time of application, plus a supply fee due for each student. For grades 1st-5th, the supply fee is $300.00. For grades 6th-9th, the supply fee is $325.00. Tuition costs include a full day (8:00-3:00 Monday – Friday) academic program consisting of daily dyslexia therapy sessions, classroom instruction in math, science/social studies, music and art experiences by a certified staff. Speech and language therapy is provided to students as needed. We also have an Archery Program for 3rd grade and up.

Students are required to have the appropriate psychometric testing prior to admission that reveal the primary diagnosis of dyslexia. Psychometric evaluation services are available through other sources. Psychometric testing fees are a separate cost.