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Frequently Asked Questions


No – The program we utilize works well with ‘dyslexic’ children but also works well with children who need that extra special help. Although, it is VERY helpful for the child to have a full battery of psychological tests to show there is not a learning disability present. Our program is designed for children who have an average to above average IQ, but do not perform well in school. We are not equipped for a slow learners or children with low IQ scores. We do not accept students who have a behavior disorder.

Math – Math-U-See and TimesTales
Language Arts- Neuhaus, Bob Jones, Writing Revolution
All students will have a membership to Learning Ally

Social Studies and Science is taught with trade books and Studies Weekly

We use many avenues to instruct our students in a multi-sensory way. We use technology to reinforce concepts being taught. BBA is a Google Education school which means all of our students are instructed on how to use technology and create documents using google suite. All students receive computer lab time each day to learn coding, keyboarding and to practice academic skills.

Yes – We are accredited by AdvancEd Accreditation Commission

Yes – We begin each day at 8:00 and end at 3:00.
We teach all subjects in grades 1 – 11, and plan to add a year each year.. We also take field trips and have frequent guest speakers from our community.

Upon parent request. School begins at 8:00, but children can come as early as 7:30 to give parents ample time to get to work. After school is also available by request.

When the children come to us, although very bright, they are usually discouraged with school and have become ‘followers’ of their peers. They have struggled so much in school to keep up, many have ‘shut down’ and have stopped trying. We, at Bright Beginnings, assess each child when they come in to determine grade levels in reading, spelling and math. All students are assessed periodically to insure set goals are being met and progress is taking place.
Each day all students receive small group dyslexia therapy which is an hour of intensive, systematic, sequential, diagnostic and prescriptive instruction in all language areas (phonics, reading, fluency, comprehension, spelling, handwriting, grammar and more). They also receive small group math instruction with the goal of achieving grade level or above skill level. Grade level language arts, science and social studies are taught in larger groups so students can work together in groups.
We instruct and monitor each child as they complete tasks to insure learning is taking place and benchmark goals are being met. It is the goal of the Bright Beginnings program for each child to become independent learners so they can be successful when returning to the regular classroom.
All of our students also receive art instruction twice every week.

Yes, all teachers are licensed and fully qualified to work with your children.