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About Us


Bright Beginnings Academy is the only full day school program on the Alabama Gulf Coast that specializes in Dyslexia education for 1-11th grade and planning to add a grade each year. Bright Beginnings offers a rich and challenging curriculum for dyslexic children in a Christian environment. Our class sizes are very small. We assess the student’s weaknesses as well as strengths to determine a starting point in all the instructional areas. Each child is unique in their abilities and challenged accordingly. Our goal for the students is for them to be independent, successful and competent learners. At Bright Beginnings, the accent is on the positive. Students find the pleasure of working with other bright and talented dyslexic kids like themselves. We encourage students to discover their talents, and develop their own learning style. Like our students, there are many people who are famous and who are also dyslexic. A few of these people include Albert Einstein, Robin Williams, Jay Leno, Henry Winkler, Charles Schwab, Walt Disney, Meryl Davis, Whoopi Goldberg, Richard Branson, Nelson Rockefeller and many more.

“It is the mission of Bright Beginnings Academy to enable students to overcome individual learning differences in order to achieve their full potential in a Christian environment.”



I’m so excited that Mobile finally has a school like this! It is a wonderful resource for our community! Thank you Gina and Traci for taking the leap of faith- what a privilege to watch this school take off and grow!


My daughter attends Bright Beginnings and it has changed her life. She has gone from a child who cried every day NOT to go to school to a child who can not WAIT to get there every day (even on holidays and weekends). I can not thank the two extraordinary teachers enough. Love the teachers, love the school.


The absolute best school for children with Dyslexia and learning processing difficulties. My daughter has grown SO much in the past year with her confidence in reading, speaking and friendships! WE LOVE BB!!